The high’s and the lows of pre race preparation – by Jonathan Lewis

I have had quite a season so far in the Mini Sport number 4 Super Mighty Mini with the lows of having to miss some races due to work commitments and my Mother being quite ill, to the extreme highs of winning at Brands Hatch last time out.

I was not going to do the upcoming Rockingham race as it was a last minute replacement for Donington Park and I had just sold the car from this season to Justin Cooper, a new driver for the upcoming 2012 championship, so thought that was that until next season.

However I have managed to do a deal with Chris Morgan for his very nice Pink Mini and I was going to get the car all ready for a serious crack at the Championship in 2012… but, as you do, I looked at the nice shiny car in my garage and thought well why not just compete in the last race of the season as it is… Pink! This way I can try and win 2 more races for Mini Sport! So I set about getting the car ready, even doing some video blogs as you can see below.

I decided that it would be a good idea to take the car to the rolling road and just make sure she can do the numbers that we need to be competitive so Elliot and Paul Stafford came along with me and took the car to a top secret rolling road… just off the A12 in Ipswich.

Now the disappointing part of the story. We spent 3 hours working but the new car will not give anywhere near the power of the old Minisport car so we left the rolling road quite disappointed, Paul Stafford kindly offered to rebuild the new
Minis engine for 2012, an offer that I will take him up on, but that does not help for Rockingham. However, just when I thought we were done, Justin Cooper, the new owner of this years Mini, came to the rescue and kindly offered me the loan of the 2011 Mini Sport Mini back for Rockingham, so we will be there and we will be in old faithful one more time. I will keep you all posted of how we get on at Rockingham and how the strip rebuild and re paint of the Pink 2012 car goes.