Today Mick from All Mini is having the rest of a Mini Sport Stage 3 Tuning Kit fitted to his MPi Mini Cooper. He has already had a Stage 1 Tuning Kit fitted previously here at Mini Sport, which included an Exhaust and Manifold along with an Air Filter and a few other smaller parts.

Now he has come to have more tuning parts fitted so that it matches a Stage 3 Tuning Kit. The extra parts that are not included in the Stage 1 Tuning Kit include a Mini Sport ported and polished cylinder head that has 35mm larger inlet valves, Mini Sport 1.5:1 ratio billet alloy roller tip rockers and an FSE Power Boost Valve kit, to increase fuel pressure.




As you can see in this image, the old fuel regulator is being removed ready to have a bypass fitted so that the fuel is regulated by the brand new, fully adjustable fuel regulator that allows you to set up a higher pressure therefore pumping more fuel and increasing performance without altering the injectors.

Obviously the final product is a mismatch of Stage 1 and Stage 3 Tuning Kits but this should still give a great power increase and with a run on the rolling road tomorrow it should run very smoothly too.