On Friday David Morrison visited Mini Sport with his MG Midget. David regularly competes in the Luffield Speed Championship and has in fact won his class four years running, so this past year he decided to go for a change and go back to some good old fashioned circuit racing. He entered the MG Cockshoot Cup with high hopes of continuing his good form into a new championship.

However it wasn’t to be, as an over-heating problem halted his progress and only one finish was achieved, although being an impressive 2nd place finish. David scratched his head over the issue but got no closer to finding the cause. Davids friend and fellow MG racer Steven Irvine (you may remember him featuring on the blog before)  recommended he visit Mini Sport.

After a previous visit to find the cause of the problem the pair visited us last week to put the car on the Mini Sport Rolling Road and fix it. Our Rolling Road technician got straight into the job, altering the needle characteristics, as it was narrowed down to be a fuelling problem causing the over-heating.

The Midget left the Mini Sport Rolling Road just after dark on the Friday, with a cleaner running and more reliable engine, ready for the next season in the MG Cockshoot Cup where he will be hoping to have a good chance at winning the title.