Recently our Mini Sport Garage has been very busy and one of the many jobs ongoing was to fit a new gearbox to a very nice Mk2 Mini Cooper S that is Rally Prepared. The Mini itself is in very good condition and a nice clean Mini is always going to keep our Technicians happy.

The Mini has visited Mini Sport several times before. The owner has built it up from the ground and used many Mini Sport parts. Some of which include a Mini Sport Single Box Side Exit Exhaust, LCB Manifold, Kent 286 Scatter Cam, HIF44 Single Carb, Straight Cut Mini Sport Gearbox with 3.7 Differential and Drop Gears to accompany the 1380cc Engine of which has 1.5:1 Mini Sport Roller Tip Rockers. This little Mini not only look great but runs great too!

After having a new gearbox fitted the owner also wanted the Mini to checked and tuned on the Mini Sport Rolling Road. It was believed to be in good conditioned however the fuelling did need altering slightly before it achieve a respectable readout of nearly 100bhp and with 87ft/lb of torque