The subframe has arrived back at Mini Sport with a nice powder coat now applied. This is for the Mini that is being re-shelled. The Mini is only having a rear subframe fitted as the front subframe was in reasonably good condition and was deemed fit to be reused on the new shell.

The rear subframe was fitted in place along with the radius arms. The radius arms were built up on the car. This is done purely because it is a lot easier. Fitting the subframe with the radius arms already attached would be very difficult due to the weight. We also used brand new bushes (and nuts and bolts as you can see in the image, due to the working environment)… if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well!

You may notice in the image that the arches have been fitted too. The signifies the end of the Minis time at the Mini Sport Bodyshop as it will now be transferred to our Workshop for the rest of the work to be completed.