Earlier this week a Mini came to Mini Sport to be reconditioned but a new shell became a more cost effective solution after discovering a lot of panels would need replacing.

The brand new genuine shell was primed and had a coat of Metallic British Racing Green paint on both the inside and underside. Painting the interior was pretty straight forward but before the underside is painted it needed to receive a coat of Chip Proof Paint and have any gaps sealed, making sure the Minis floor is completely sealed before being painted.

As you can see in the images, our Bodyshop Technician used a ‘spit’ to prep and paint the underside of the Mini. This not only makes it easier for our technician but also allows him to reach all those hard to reach areas and ensure everything is sealed and covered properly.


The whole of the Mini has been painted now and the subframes sent away for powder coating. The Bodyshop are not waisting any though. The head lining and the wiring loom has been fitted with the headlights waiting to be fitted now along with plenty of new rubber seals etc. The interior is likely to be fitted too, however it shouldn’t be long before the subframes arrive back.

If your car needs any paint or repair work whether it is a Mini or not, you can ring Mini Sport on 01282 778731 and receive a quote.