Steve Irvine has now finished his season in the MGCC Luffield MG Car Club Northern Championship, albeit with bent valves which he did on the last meeting of the season. The valves were bent due to over revving, most likely on a down-shift, the exhaust valves kissed the pistons, becoming slightly bent or distorted as a result. Steve only visited Mini Sport a week ago with his friend David Morrison, who will be competing against Steve  in his MG Midget next year when they will both be entering the Cockshoot Cup. That time it was to diagnose an over-heating problem on the Midget.




This visit however, Mr Irvines MG – ZR will be having the cylinder head removed and conditioned whilst also having new valves. All of this process is done right here at Mini Sport by our Engineering department, Hi-Tech who specialise  in not only Modifying Cylinder Heads but also grinding Camshafts and Crankshafts. Mini Sport pride themselves in being able to build a Mini from the ground up and this is only possible with the help of our subsidiary companies, Hi-Tech and Motorsport Advanced Development (MAD).

If you need an engine re-conditioned or a Crankshaft grinding you can call 01282 778731 to make an enquiry.