This week we have had an increasingly rare Mini Clubman Estate visit us. It is here to have a new clutch fitted but our mechanic couldn’t fail to notice that the whole of the Inner Wings had been removed!

This is a perfect opportunity to explain the importance of the Inner Wings and the job it does, as we are sure there are a few people out there wondering just what they are for, other than taking up space in your nice clean engine bay!

The Inner Wing is integral to the structure of the car, while its absence has helped make replacing the clutch easier, it ensures the front end of the car is rigid and therefore safe. Furthermore it will not pass its M.O.T without them. It is a simple as that, it is a part of the cars structure that is vital for safety reasons.

We understand that, although we recommend not doing, many people seem to prefer the flip front Mini and do convert there Minis to this setup. For this you would usually cut out the front section of the inner wing (from the shocker mounting forward) and fit brace bars instead to keep the Mini safe, however doing this may result a visit to VOSA for an IVA test as they do not like the removal of the inner wing due to it compromising the vehicles identity.

Flip-fronts on a Mini are a somewhat grey area with the rules not being very clear and a lot of the final results depending on the MOT mans discretion however it is clear that you should not remove the Inner Wing of a standard Mini.