Recently a newly renovated Mini visited us here at Mini Sport for a Rolling Road Tune however, although looking brand new at first glance, this was not the case as it didn’t take long at all for our technician to uncover some bad news for the owner.

The CO and Hydro Carbons were too high and after closer inspection it all pointed to internal engine wear. With the permission of the customer we stripped the engine to uncover what was at fault. It turns out that the bore and several other parts had worn excessively and would need to be replaced, such as the crankshaft, camshaft and piston rings.

We broke the news to the owner and decided to go for a new engine and gearbox, re-manufactured here at Mini Sport. Notice this is a remanufactured engine not a reconditioned engine, the difference being that when an engine is ‘reconditioned’ it doesn’t necessarily mean it has been rebored  etc and may only have been rebuilt using new seals and gaskets. When an engine is remanufactured, it is not only bored again but has the cylinder head attended to and cams and cranks ground etc. before being rebuilt with new seals and gaskets.

The owner didn’t necessarily need a gearbox AND engine however we always warn against replacing one and not the other as it is false economy. With one running more smoothly than the other, it can lead to problems, as we all too often see. Replacing both the Engine and Gearbox will not only ensure a healthier and longer lifespan for your Mini but be more cost effective in the long run, saving you potential labour costs in the future.

The owner had a paid a considerable amount to get the Mini back to its former glory but he had been let down, as not only the engine but the whole car was in need of plenty of work.

Although the Mini looks beautiful at first glance, on closer inspection you can see that the paint is starting flake and rust is bubbling under the surface. This is due to rust and the Mini not being prepped properly before paint. In fact many panels are heavily rusted and in need of replacement such as the inner wings. This will no doubt lead to further work in the near future!

The morale of this story is to ensure what work has been done and to closely inspect it too, making sure it is done to the standard you expect, whether you believe them to be trust worthy or not!