We had a customer come in today requesting that our mechanic check that his suspension has been fitted correctly. Our mechanic quickly disassembled the front suspension only to find that when he came to compressing the suspension cone to remove it, he could not fit the compression tool (of which can be metric or UNF depending on your Minis age), so it was fortunate that the suspension was adjustable and therefore allowing our mechanic to remove it easily still.

In this image you can see just how far off the centre the suspension was by the impression left on the cone by the trumpet and vice versa. You can also see that the cone has been fitted for a while as it has lost some of its original shape too.


The owner has now opted to have the Mini Sport Adjusta Ride Set fitted with some Moulton Suspension Cones. Mini Sport Adjustable Tie Rods are also going to be fitted as the Tie Rods already in place had become bent. You can see how to correctly fit suspension cones here.

If you would like any work done to your Mini, or even a check please do not hesitate to contact us on 01282 778731. In fact if you bring your car in for any service or repair, you can request a FREE of charge visual health check!