If you have been a regular reader of this blog then you may remember a few mentions that the Mini Sport Workshop is moving.. but only across the road!

Half of the building across the road already houses the Bodyshop and Spray Booth. The Bodyshop moved in last year as you may remember through this blog. The idea behind the move is to have the Bodyshop and Workshop next to each other allowing the quicker and easier referral of Cars, through the shutters situated between the two workspaces.

The other half of the building is now ready to move into, with full coffee making facilities ready! On a serious note we can tell you all the electrics have been fitted and in place, ready for the Car Ramps to be moved over and fitted, leaving only tools and a few other larger pieces of essential equipment to be moved… after a quick sweep! A lot of tools will moved immediately to allow work to continue however most of the equipment will be moved over a period of time, as the Minis come first! There are already a few car in there already, awaiting our mechanics.

As you can see, the first ramp was fitted this morning, around the corner in front of the office space. Whilst this was being fitted the second ramp was dismantled and transported across the road by trailer. The second ramp will be situated in front of the dividing shutter between the two halves of the building, allowing any car on the ramp to be driven straight into the Bodyshop.

Once the move is complete we will be left with a huge space at the front of the Mini Sport HQ. The plan here is to turn this into a showroom for our collection of rare Minis, allowing customers to have a look at some superb examples of Minis all in the best of condition.

Mini Sport really is the epicentre of Mini Motoring and can offer every service you could ever require for your Mini. We have all the facilities but are always looking at ways to improve and this big changes will certainly improve any customers experience when they visit Mini Sport!

If you need any work doing or even any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote on 01282 778731