Yesterday Mini Sport was visited by a Bike Engine powered Mini. In fact this was a Kawasaki 1400 engine conversion of which was only recently finished after being completely built up from the ground by its owner Chris Green. In fact even the chassis was built by himself. The initial chassis only took several months to build although it then took a couple years to get this to meet the extremely strict road standard.

The Mini build was inspired by his tinkering with bike engined Autograss cars. After deciding he would like a bike powered car for the road and then inspecting a Z-Car Mr Green decided it wouldn’t be too hard to make one himself and so the project began. A few years later and he is know the proud owner of a very nice Kawasaki powered Mk4 Mini that produces an impressive 225bhp at the flywheel! The car is mainly used as a road car although it is to be tested on a track day soon! It was here at Mini Sport as it was in need of a quick tracking and alignment adjustment.

Although this is obviously not your standard Mini we still enjoy working on them. With the engine not being mounted in a conventional format and it being rear wheel drive it isn’t quite the same job as adjusting a standard Minis tracking although it is not a problem for our mechanics.

If you have a performance car we are happy to help. you, whether it is a Mini or not. Mini Sport has a great history and pedigree in Motorsport, running a four car strong Rally Team that regularly attends events around the UK every year and we are happy to use and share our knowledge with our customers!

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