The Mini Sport Bodyshop is a hive of activity at the moment, with several Minis in need of attention, ranging from repairs to full restorations. One of the restorations is a Mk1 Mini belonging to Mr Curwin. To start with, this Mini was stripped of its interior and engine before being sent away for Phosphate Dipping. This process strips back the shell to bare metal, removing any rust and therefore revealing any potential problems, as you can see here on this inner wing which has since been Etch Primed, although it will be replaced.

After this treatment the whole body-shell is etch primed to help preserve the metal and give a good surface for painting later. The base layer of etch primer is applied before a second high-build layer. Both of these layers are flatted removing any high spots and leaving a level surface.

Phosphate Dipping and Etch Priming is often quite expensive but is well worth it as it always leaves your Mini completely rust free and provides a good base for paint. After this process our bodyshop technician then gets to work replacing any panels that are needed.

After the body panels have been replaced, our technician will check the Mini for any bare Metal showing and Etch Prime these areas as it is of upmost importance that none is showing. However there is plenty of work to be done before then! This Mini will need several new panels including new sills on both sides as well as new inner and outer wings due to rust and corrosion.

Most of the new panels have now been fitted and the Mini shouldn’t be to far off being ready for paint. We will update you on the progress of this Mini soon!

If you have a Mini that you would like restoring or even a shell that needs some attention, we can help! Even if you our restoring a Mini yourself and would like a few tips, we are happy to help and are only a phone call away. You can contact us on +44(0)1282 778731 or email