Work has begun on the Mk1 Austin Mini Cooper from Switzerland. The Mini was delivered to Mini Sport just before the new year for a restoration valuation. The owner then visited us this year, finalising the valuation before work commenced.

As you can see, the Mini has now been completely stripped. The engine came out first, before the wiring and interior were removed. After being stripped out the Bodyshell was burned, rather than phosphate dipped. This process is similar in concept to ‘acid dipping’ in that the entire bodyshell is processed in one.


The use of an oven to ‘burn-off’ causes the coating or paint to delaminate or ‘carbonise’ and crumble from the surface.  However not all of the paint is completely removed but it is brittle and easy to remove after. The car will now be brushed down with a wire brush to remove any left over paint. Rust is not removed in this process but once the Mini has its paint removed the rusty areas will be clear and the Bodyshell can be assessed.




This should be a great looking Mini when it is finished, even if it does look a long way off right now! With restoration it often starts looking worse before it gets better.

We will keep you updated with the restoration of this Mk1 Austin Mini Cooper but in the mean time if you have any questions or would like a quote you can call +44(0)1282 778731