Mini Sport recently received an update from Dave Drew on his Mini Miglia season. Unfortunately he will not be competing as regularly as last season but he is ensuring he doesn’t get rusty by attending a few of the race days this championship. Mini Sport is also sponsoring Richard Casey this season in the Mini Miglias too so the chances are that there will be at least one Mini Sport sponsored Miglia at nearly every event!

Race Report:

Round 2 was the first time this season we managed to attend, so after being out the seat best part of six months it was great to be back.

Qualifying times put me in grid 6 for race 1 & grid 7 for race 2.


Race 1

We managed to make up 2 positions on the start, and soon got involved in a 6 way battle for the lead, headed by Peter Baldwin. Rupert Deeth got a tank slapper coming through the chicane on lap 3, which meant that we all had to lift and go separate directions which was fortunate for Baldwin, allowing him to get his head down and break away from the chasing pack. Lots of swapping positions with Dave Edgecombe and Paul Thompson continued and eventually we managed to go into the last lap in 2nd place, but was just pipped by a nose by Edgecombe on the run to the flag, so 3rd place was a great start to our season, with another podium and cup to take away. Richard Casey secured the fastest lap of the race in his Mini Sport sponsored Miglia.


Race 2

Changing weather conditions hampered tyre choices, as a heavy downpour 10 minutes before our race commenced, but we were the first car to commit to the assembly area with an optimistic tyre choice of slicks. Soon everyone else appeared with wet tyres fitted, but our choice was made and we were going to take the risk. The other Mini Sport Miglia driven by Richard Casey made a dash back to the paddock and opted to fit the same as us, so we were either going to look brave or stupid!

As we approached the grid, it immediately became apparent that our tyre choice was the correct way to go. The race started and both Richard and I drove as careful as possible until we generated heat, and by lap 4 we could both make the charge which was awesome. We were both 3 seconds a lap faster than the rest of the pack and hunted down Aaron Smith and Peter Baldwin to the podium, Peter went very defensive on the run to the flag and I had no choice but to get the wheels on the grass to avoid a collision, and this allowed him to beat me by a whisker, so another 3rd place podium and cup to take away, along with fastest lap of the race. Richard Casey finished 4th so overall the Mini Sport Miglia’s had a fantastic weekend.