There is only one Route across from Vladivostok in the East and heading West there is nothing for day after day and you don’t see any Towns or Villages on route………………the First place I came to was four days down the road and that was Irkutsk and the Deepest Lake in the world.
The Roads don’t exist and my speeds varied from Crawling to 80km an hour for day after day, the stress and concentration was intense as you or your vehicle could be wiped out and yes I did see death while at the wheel.
I have had a few issue’s with the Mini ………………
The Rotor in the Dizzy Broke and I thought that the Shaft got bent, I fitted a new Distributor unit and had problems with that so I reverted to refitting the old Dizzy and that got me going again.
Over heating problems Crept in next and I lost a lot of time sorting this out… Changed head Gasket as number 3 and 4 cylinder pots showing signs of over heating problems this Partly brought the TEMP down but did not cure the overheating, this in the end was sorted by fitting a new water pump and Radiator.