Mini Sport have received a race report from Dave Drew on last months racing at Castle Combe in the Mini Miglia Championship although we are a bit late posting this… better late than never and this is definitely worth the wait. The weekends racing was being shown on Eurosport TV but if you missed it, don’t worry.. you can always catch up with events here! Hopefully we will have another Miglia update soon with Brands Hatch being the next event on the 16th/17th June.


Round 4 – Castle Combe

 Qualifying was wet as usual, but was thoroughly entertaining. I immediately set the pace overall and came in on lap 5 as we were ¾ of a second faster than anyone else, however this was a mistake, as the other Mini Sport Miglia driven by Richard Casey just beat my time by 2 tenths of a second on the last lap, so we both locked out the front row with Mini Sport livery cars in front of Live TV being broadcasted across Europe in 39 countries, which has to be a great advert for Mini Sport and the Mini 7 Racing Club.

Credited to RJ Colmar

Race 1

The Race was wet again and I managed to get the jump on Richard as the lights went out and led the pack for the first 5 laps, however suspension failure resulted in very bad handling, so I gave no resistance in trying to defend my lead position, and settled to just try and finish the race, which we did eventually, finishing 5th overall. Unfortunately Richard got tangled up in the first few laps with Tony Le-May, which resulted in a DNF.

Credited to RJ Colmar

Race 2 – Castle Combe Trophy Race

A dry race finally and Richard started from Pole position again, however my position was 6th on row 3, but when the lights went out I got the best start of my Miglia career and leapt straight into the lead, again followed by Aaron Smith and Richard Casey. We all battled away for the first 6 to 7 laps, and then it started to rain yet again, but it was getting heavier each lap. Richard Casey got past me and we were 1st and 2nd for another few laps, however Paul Thompson spun and hit the tyre wall causing waved yellows, and Peter Baldwin overtook Kane Astin and Myself in the yellow flag section but it wasn’t seen by the officials for some reason, so Peter got lucky! The safety car was deployed for 2 laps to move Pauls stricken car, and Richard Casey led the pack away for a 2 lap dash for the flag, however the experienced veteran of Mini Racing got the best of us both and beat us to the flag in very difficult racing conditions, but needless to say both Mini Sport Miglia’s were on the podium with fantastic cups and interviews to the wet crowd and Live TV fans across Europe.  A great weekend had by all and massive thanks to you all at Mini Sport for your support.