Recently Mini Sport went back to school with the Rally Team taking one of the Mini Sport Rally MINI fleet to Hill of Banchory Primary School so that the pupils of Primary 7 could have a good look at it.

Emily (12) who attends the school had been tasked by her teacher, as part of a project, to write and give a talk on any subject of her choice.  Having been around rally cars for most of her life, in particular the Mini Sport Team, Emily chose to give her talk on rallying and enlisted the help of our rally team. The team were of course only too pleased to help out.

Emilys teacher had encouraged the use of props and articles to help illustrate the talks but, along with a large number of fascinated kids, she had not anticipated a full blown rally car making an appearance at school!

The children spent some considerable time crawling all over the car and each of them had their photos taken in the drivers seat with Martin, Emilys Dad and driver of the Mini Sport rally car.

The kids bombarded Martin and Emily with so many rallying questions that Claire, Emilys mum also had to field answers back to them! The kids, and the Team had a great time with the children eager to follow the exploits of the Mini Sport Rally Team on their next event.