Before the weekend we were visited by a very nice Mini Marcos and it owner who steadily built it over a 17 year period. The Mini Sport customer has been its owner since he was only seventeen and it became a long but fun and educational project. Although he now lives in Australia he still completed the build, spreading it out over his regular visits to England.

This visit he arrived at Mini Sport to set up the suspension and tune the car using the Mini Sport Rolling Road although the wheel bearings seemed to seize up on the way. The cause being that when he built up the driveshafts and fitted them in place, to check that they fit, he forgot to remove them again and grease the bearings. This is a mistake that can be easily made and one to watch out for when rebuilding your Mini.

This wasn’t the end of the problem however as when it was placed on the rollers it seemed that the Oil Pressure dropped to a very unhealthy and low 10psi. This is now the focus of our workshop technicians who are now looking into the cause of this. At this moment in time the engine has been removed and is being carefully inspected, with the hope that a cause can be pinpointed.

If you would like to use the Mini Sport Rolling Road or have a problem with your Mini you can make an enquiry or booking by calling +44(0)1282 778731