Paul Swift is a seven-time British Motorsport Champion and a multiple Guinness World Record holder. He began performing stunts on the family ride on lawn mower back in 1986 at the tender age of seven.

Following in the footsteps of his legendary stunt driving father Russ Swift, Paul became part of his fathers team performing in a half-scale Mini Cooper. At sixteen, Paul began competing in Motorsport and rapidly moved up to the National Autotest Championship. Over the following eight seasons, Paul secured both the MSA Autotest Championship three times and the BTRDA four times, winning over one hundred events outright along the way.

Today Paul focuses on Paul Swift Precision Driving Ltd. of which provide the consultation services, planning and choreography required to produce innovative and spectacular driving performances.

He recently dropped off his Autotest Special at Mini Sport for a complete new engine. His lightweight Mini has a fibreglass roof and doors along with plastic windows (except the front screen) so with there being no more weight saving to be done, an engine upgrade was the next step and Mini Sport were only too happy to help.

The Mini Sport built engine was expertly fitted before the Mini entered the Mini Sport Rolling Road to be tuned and refined to ensure optimum performance before Paul arrived yesterday to drive it away.

The Mini is going to be used by Paul to get people involved in motorsport and primarily aimed at people who have never had the opportunity to take part in motorsport before.


Pauls plan is to use the car on gomotorsport events to get people interested and involved. He has also said that it may be a option that if he sees someone that has a natural talent they will have the opportunity to take part on a autotest to compare them selves against experienced competitors.

He will also use the car and drive for England on the international event in October based in Warwickshire.

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