Winter is around the corner and temperatures are dropping so it is time to convert to winter tyres.

Winter Tyres are often under-rated and provide a lot of extra grip even when not icy or snowy. In fact winter tyres are proven to be more effective than your summer tyre even when just below the average, miserable UK temperatures. At 7°C you would stop 11 metres sooner (when braking on an icy road from just 20mph). That is 4.8 metres shorter in wet conditions from 60mph.

Winter Tyres wear the same as your summer tyres and considering that you switch them back over and store them for the next winter, when the temperature starts to creep back over 7°C, you will get a good amount of usage from them too.

These Nankang 145/70 R12 69T are the perfect solution. Although budget tyres they are surprising good. The v-shaped tread design of SV-2 tyres ensure for added security in all driving conditions, thanks to its special lamella technology and silicone mix.

At only £44.17 inc VAT each they are great value! We have a huge stock available too so you can expect a quick delivery too!