Mini Sport now has a brand new range of Go Mini Toys from Remote Control Minis and CREWZers to Freestylers and Stunt Launcher.

The Go MINI collection represents one of the finest and most exciting launches for the younger boys this Christmas. With four ranges and 17 cars to collect, each with its own name, fun features, and unique decoration there’s a Go MINI for everybody



Go MINI Crew-zers are the perfect stocking filler gift to start a collection. There are five super cool styles each with its own character name, such as Chilli the red hot Crew-zer and Jaxx the patriotic royal blue dude emblazoned with a Union Jack. Made from chunky plastic Go Mini Crewzers are durable and perfect for little hands. There are 5 Go Mini Crewzers to collect. Only £4.79


Stunt Racers

Stunt Racers have two modes; unique stunt or straight line speed. Pull back, let go and then watch as they perform their unique stunt or races forward. These are also compatible with the Go MINI Stunt Launcher for an even greater experience. All Stunt Racers have a personalised number plate and are uniquely decorated for the ultimate in individual style. Only £9.56



Stunt Launcher

Get ready to rev up your Go MINI Stunt Racers to the max, for high speed stunt action. Grip the steering wheel, pump the gearstick and watch the rev counter climb. Press the button and watch the car speed ahead or perform a wheelie. Go MINI Sprint Stunt Racer included. Performs best on hard surfaces. Best of all this product requires no batteries! Only £19.15




This Go Mini Freestylers have cool blue lights! The press of a button activates cool lights and car sounds. All models include unique transforming roof graphics. Go MINI Freestylers have a personalised number plate and is uniquely designed for the ultimate in individual style. Batteries included.  Only £14.36


RC Wolf

Based on the popular countryman mini from the BMW group , RC Wolf is a replica of the BMW Mini Rally Car. Listen for the wolf howls while performing donut spins and handbrake stops with this amazing radio controlled MINI.  Use the “Mini Cooper” style steering wheel controller to control RC Wolf’s working lights and car sounds. Recommended for indoor use only. Only 28.73