This week Mini Sports engineering department, MAD (Motorsport Advanced Development) took delivery of yet another CNC Machine.

The Mazak 250 II MSY lathe was delivered and expertly manouvered into the engineering headquarters yesterday morning before being programmed and put in to use, to create several of the high quality Mini Sport products that you can buy from us.

Also this week MAD engineer Ben Anderson has also been selected to represent the UK in CNC Turning at the World Skills later this year.



Ben has been 1 of 4 CNC Engineers  training with the UK Skills team over the last year. All 4 were selected after a series of tests and were given the opportunity to further stake their claim to represent the UK by attending several courses across the country, with the most impressive of the 4 being selected.

Now Ben has been selected he will be travelling to several countries to see the competition and further increase his knowledge as the World Skills event is far from with a high standard set just to qualify.

So a good week for MAD with a new machine arriving and engineers progressing at high levels. This can only further ensure you, the Mini Sport customer, that all Mini Sport products are made to the highest quality.