6 EMO, a works replica used by Paddy Hopkirk to win the Pirelli Classic Marathon in 1990, was recently back in action at the Pirelli Classic Marathon but this time under the care of  Howard and Matt Warren.

6emo-2The event that marks the 25th Anniversary of the event that takes competitors from Ypres, over and through the Alpes via Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Italy to Cortina. The all British Warren duo however didn’t manage to take 6 EMO all the way this time as it they had some engine issues.

The pair returned back to Mini Sport with 6 EMO and left it in the capable hands of our hugely experienced and fully qualified technician. Our workshop technician has quickly got to work and diagnosed the engine problem.


It would seem that the engine has been using oil and subsequently run low to an unhealthy level, this being confirmed when our technician came to drain the oil.

With what little oil that was left having being drained, the engine was carefully dismantled and inspected. There was a lot of damage as you would expect! The Oil Pump, as you can see, has suffered a lot of damage as has the camshaft and followers. The big end and main bearings were badly worn, so much so that the No 4 cylinder piston had been hitting the cylinder head and the crank worn beyond regrinding.






The engine is now at our Engineering department, Hi-Tech Engineering for reconditioning. We hope to keep you up to date with how it progresses!