6emo-dashThis morning 6 EMO had its final run on the Mini Sport Rolling Road to fine tune the Carburettors. With the distributor now re-calibrated and fitted it was a simple task of refining the twin SU Carburettors to fuel more productively for motorsport.

After the Rolling Road session our Technician got to work on the interior. In preparation for the Pirelli Classic Marathon this year the original, genuine works dash was replaced with more modern, reliable and new dash to suit the navigator. So this has now been reverted back to the standard Works dash. Also the Works Map Light has been refitted and the seats are being replaced!!


Once the interior parts have been neatly fitted and secured all that is left to do is give it a good clean.. Another job well done!

Mini Sport has a complete range of Works Replica Parts, all made to the exact specifications as the originals made at the Abingdon Factory, check it out!