Features on the new website are aimed at making your shopping experience easier. Features include a quick buy feature so that you do not need to leave the product listing page and the use of images throughout the website  should give you a visual references so that you don’t have to quite read so much! We have put a lot of thought in to how we think you would like the website to work and making it easier for you to use. Here is a complete list of all the new features we have implemented on the new website once you’ve created an account:


  • Powerful Search that can be refined
  • Quick Buy Function Stay on the Product Listing Pages
  • Product Recommendations
  • Simple Navigation Multiple Navigation Paths
  • Reward Points Earn whilst you spend!
  • Wish List for favourite Products
  • Product Reviews Tell us what you thought!
  • Order History Keep track of your orders
  • Permanent Shopping Cart

If you have any ideas for new features or how the existing features could work better, please let us know as we will be constantly developing the website!

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience at www.minisport.com