A few weeks a go, a very nice 1380cc Mini visited our Rolling Road with a lack of performance and engine misfires.  After a session with our very own engine tuning guru ‘Rob Waddington’ and some adjustments to the fuelling and ignition timing this Mini was singing again and ready for it’s next event!

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Recently restored to an exceptional standard by Bill Ingham (owner), this Mini had been converted from a Mini 1000 to this stunning looking Mk2 Cooper S Replica.  Before the extensive rebuild this Mini had quite a history, competing in over 40 road rallies including the Motoring News Road Rally Championship.

Now boasting a Stage 3 1380cc engine with Omega pistons, ST544 half race camshaft, fully lightened and balanced bottom end and flywheel, topped off with a single Weber 45 DCOE, this mini is a serious piece of kit.

Here are a few words from the proud owner Bill Ingham:

stj2I have had the car since 1976 and the first week of September was the first time back on the road for 30 years! I competed in STJ724H in the late 70’s and early 80’s – the heyday of road rallies. Fantastic memories!

It did approximately 40 rallies and apart from a few off’s and the odd dry stone wall glancing blow,  it got away without being destroyed.

Since then it has followed me round from house to house as we moved over the years and as I now have a bit more free time I thought it was right to get it back on the road.


I built the engine and front subframe up about 12 years ago and that has sat around since then but I have done a bare shell rebuild – Sand blasted and repaired, complete internal/external spray paint but not in its original colour which was Beige/Brown. I think Red/Black looks fantastic.

Since the visit to Mini Sport it passed its MOT first time and is now taxed, (exempt) and on the road.


However as we noticed on the rolling road it was a bit smokey. This has not improved so it’s an engine rebuild very soon. I should have had another look at the engine before popping it in really!

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