swivel-hubsThe Mini Sport Engineering department, M.A.D (Motorsport Advanced Development) are hard at work as always and have just finished machining a fresh batch of Mini Sport Swivel Hubs.

These Swivel Hubs are precisely manufactured using the latest CNC Machines and are of the Highest Quality, created from 7075 aircraft grade high specification aluminium billet before then being hard anodised.


This exceptional piece of design and engineering is an exclusive Mini Sport product, created for Race, Hill Climb and Sprint Cars where absolutely every gram of weight which can be lost, is of the up most importance and top priority.

This batch will now be quality tested and sent off to be anodised before being placed on the showroom shelf where they will be sold as a Pair of Lightweight Alloy Swivel Hubs or as part of our Lightweight Alloy Swivel Hub Kits