tag_shadowA huge congratulations to the 2013 Italian Jobbers for raising the outstanding amount of £ 51,434,71 a fantastic result considering the economic situation and the small number of teams fundraising.

Mini Sport were sponsoring Geoff and Carole Buckle on the Italian Job this year and are proud to have been involved yet again!

Geoff and Carole had a great time and only suffered the one problem:

“We only suffered one failure on the car, the Clutch Master Cylinder started to play up coming back over St Bernard Pass so we went up in 2nd gear and down in 3rd, that was fun! We then took the Motorway to our next halt Annecy where we stayed for three nights and another Jobber brought a new one from the IMM. It took us 1.5 hours to fit in the Hotel car park.”

The Italian Job is a great event that is held annually to raise money for childrens charities and next year they will be celebrating their 25th anniversary. Why not give it a go?!