The Mull Rally will be starting on the 11th of October and will stretch across two nights, ending on the 13th. It is the 44th running of the event that offers 160 miles of competitive stages across closed roads. The Mull Rally was the first and still only one of two events that can close roads to allow Rallying in the UK


This year sees some major handling upgrades brought to the Minis along with some special performance tweeks, with the hope of finding extra speed, around 2-3 seconds per mile.  This doesn’t sound a lot but when you are flat in 6th gear pushing 140mph on a rough tarmac road just wide enough for you car, then 2 seconds is  an eternity!

The workshops at Mini Sport have been a real hive of activity recently, Daniel Harper has carried out the development of the suspension and performance upgrades along with experts and technological wizards from the WRC, which will hopefully allow the Mini to challenge for outright victory on this tough event!

After all this top secret work has been carried out, in finished specification the Mini Sport Mini Cooper S R53 is now pushing an amazing 266BHP, and handles like an absolute dream, taking the bumps, humps and dips as if the road was flat!  The best thing is that these upgrades will be available for your road car very soon, for more details on what we can offer, please email us at or by  phone at +44 (0) 1282 778731.

Mini Sport attend every year and are regularly near the top of the rankings and this reflects in our seedings with Daniel Harper/Chris Campbell seeded as No.6, John Cressey/Martin Cressey seeded as No.10 and Martin Page/Heidi Woodcock as No.55

With 114 entries this year and with the cars ranging from MINIs and Subarus to Mk1 Escorts and Audi TTs, there should be great competition and plenty of action. We can’t wait to get going!mull2013_3

You can follow the progress of the Mini Sport team at the website, where the stage times and results will update regularly over this weekend 11-13th October.  Also full speed in-car footage will be available after the event on our You Tube channel, and see just how fast these cars move!  If you can’t wait till then, don’t panic, there are loads footage from last years event on the same channel.

We would like to wish all Drivers, crews and spectators a safe and enjoyable event!