We have just had a MINI in at Mini Sport for a suspension setup and final checks before going to compete in the Grizedale Stages Rally, of which will start on the 30th November. The event that is run from Coniston, up in The Lakes has a loyal following and will be a competitive event.

MINI-GrizedaleMark Nuttall, the owner, hasn’t driven competitively since 2003 when he used the first ever MINI to be built for Rally competition use. You may remember the TV program on Motors TV that followed the project right here at Mini Sport. Since then he has set about building another one with our help and this is the result!

It is an exciting if not nervous time, getting back into not only a Rally Car but a brand new MINI that you have built yourself and has no competitive experience yet. Grizedale Stages is a small yet competitive enough event to test his and the MINIs abilities and should be a good weekend of pushing the boundaries and testing the limits!

MINI-Grizedale_2Whilst at Mini Sport we have also decalled the MINI with the Mini Sport branding. We used yellow decals to contrast with the Electric Blue, we think it looks great!

We have a great racing heritage at Mini Sport and love Rallying. If you need any advice on competition setups or have any enquiries we will be happy to help.

You can contact us on 01282 778731 or sales@minisport.com

Entries for Grizedale Stages close on the 22nd November