white-miniMini Sport had a beautifully restored Mini on the Rollers last week in need of a bit of fine tuning as it had been recently restored and was running a bit rough to say the least. But our Rolling Road Technician Rob Waddington was more than up for it as he enjoys working on any new car.. what mechanic or technician doesn’t?

With it being a new engine it needed the fuelling and carburettors setting up. The kind of job that Rob  has done over many years… We won’t say how long but he has a lot of experience and makes it look easy, although it certainly isn’t and take a lot of fine tuning and fidelity.

white-mini_2The car is owned by loyal Min Sport customer Mick Townsend and he tells us that it is completely restored using only Mini Sport parts with a Newton Commercial Brocade Interior. We have to say he has done a superb job and it looks brilliant. In fact Mick has visited with a Mini Clubman before, of which belonged to his friend Rob Meynell. They certainly know how to create a good looking Mini!

We restore a lot of Minis here at Mini Sport and even if we haven’t had the privilege of doing it ourselves we are more than happy to set them up and admire them!

If you need your car setting up, tuning or just want smoother running why not give us a call on 01282 778731