So it’s rounds 5 & 6 of the Mini Se7en Challenge with MiniSport, and we are off to beautiful Cadwell Park.

Having never driven here I was really looking forward to this round, with great scenery and challenging twists and turns, it’s a track more well known for motor bikes than cars.
Things weren’t going to plan, the new engine was finally finished and had a dyno run at midnight on the Thursday before. So in order to get the car ready I had to sacrifice the testing I had booked on the Friday to fit the new power plant.

But we arrived late Friday afternoon and had a free 15 minute practice, which is unusual for a race day.
I took things extremely steadily to become familiar with the track, and after 3 laps began to push on and find the limits with the track.
BUT disaster struck on the approach to Park Corner, as within seconds I lost all oil pressure and smoke began to billow from the car, all I could do was park up and pray for some good fortune.

Back at the pits it became very apparent that I wasn’t racing this weekend, as an oil line became detached from its JIC fitting, in possibly the worst place possible, on the line out of the engine block. I was absolutely gutted , the car had looked great, the engine was very promising and my confidence was high after Brands Hatch , but now all I could do was take myself off to reflect on what went wrong.

I’ve split the engine now, and had I not turned it off when I did it would have been a very expensive pile of scrap, as it is it’s looking like some light machine work will revive the motor to its former glory.

A huge thankyou now to all who helped on the day, all the Mini fans who came and enquired what had happened and offered their support, and to Mini Sport for shipping out some required parts for the spare engine the next day. It means I am able to race at Thruxton in 2 weeks time , I can’t wait to put Cadwell behind me…