You may remember previously on the Mini Sport blog, a mention of a 24 hour endurance race for Minis. This is a relatively new event and is currently incorporated with the 2CV 24 hour race that takes place annually as the showcase event of the 2CV Racing Calendar.

24hr-3The aims of both the 2CV & Mini racing fraternities seem to run along parallel lines trying to promote a family friendly environment in which keen competition can flourish so the hope was that the combination of a Mini class within the famous 2CV 24 hour Enduro will strengthen both sets of enthusiastic members.

In 2012 they both finally got together at Oulton park with a Mini Grand & a 2CV to see who they would compare. Chris Slade 2011 Champion of the Mighty Minis & Sammie Fritchley 2011 2CV Champion drove the respective cars and were lapping consistently within 1 second of each other so all looked set for a great event.

24hr-2So with Minis now featuring for a third year, it took place at Anglesey race circuit and we have an update from Paul Moseley, father of Tom who was part of Team Misfit. The team, comprised of Might Mini drivers, did very well:

Neil Fearnley built the Team Misfit Mini Grand 24 car to take part in the 24 hour endurance race and joined in the event with 2 other Grand Mini cars and 27 other competitors.


24hr-1Although the 998 engines are slightly quicker than the 2cv they use more fuel in race setup and this the minis have to run shorter and have more stops loosing time back.

Plenty of fun technical issues lost the team plenty of time during the day and night sessions however they tought back with some great driving from all the team members to finish 21st overall and 2nd in class.

Team Misfit

Neil Fearnley, Thomas Moseley, Ade Tuckley, Nick and James Lyford.


You can find more information about the 24 hour enduro race here at the 2CV Website or on the Mini Grand 24 website