At Mini Sport we have become globally recognised as leaders in supplying parts, spares and accessories for all classic and contemporary models of Mini. However, despite a passion for Mini, to which the company was built on, we continue to enthuse that our specialised knowledge and skill in the motor industry, will never be primarily exclusive, to just the Mini.

Located in Padiham, Lancashire, Mini Sport doesn’t only offer an impressive showroom, but a full restoration and service centre, which accommodates for a comprehensive range of car designs and developments. Our hard-working team of notable experts in engineering and automotive restoration remain on-hand to advise and inform on any queries in regards to your vehicle.

With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to our latest conversion finished just this week in time for Christmas! The new Land Rover Defender was delivered to us with the request for a complete conversion and a supercharged re-style that would boast a modern and impressive aesthetic as well as capability and compatibility for it’s off-road roots.landrover1

A striking range of KBX grilles were fitted to the front of the Land Rover, an upgrade which effectively enhanced the initial presentation of the vehicle and channeled remarkable augmentation to it’s original form. New headlights perfected with HID lamps, a flasher unit for LED indicators and front sidelights, finish off the front perspective with fearless character and constitution.


A steering guard and boss complete the new steering wheel for optimum off-road control. New dampers, springs, brake discs and brake pads reinforce efficiency and ensure the Defenders performance lives up to its physical presence.

An armoured battery cable and an anti-roll bar at rear provide additional security and safety. Equipped with an in-car tracking device to trace the location of the vehicle in the event of a theft and installed with a sub system for superior audio quality – the conversions on this Land Rover extend beyond visual attributes with adept technology for fortified style and safety.landrover3

All external bolts have been replaced with stainless steel and alloy alternatives to prevent corrosion, with a powder coating on all rear and side steps for durability and hard finish, that will deliver long after it has left our garage.  To finish the vision of the Land Rover Defender a practical swing away rear wheel carrier has been implemented for dynamic functionality. Goodrich ‘All Terrain’ Tyres have been fitted on new wheels with Hub Nuts for complete versatility and excellent traction on every landscape; including Tarmac, Gravel, Mud and Sand. These final alterations effectively complete this conversion with the defenders sole purpose full-filled in both style and substance.

landrover4At Mini Sport we aim to share every clients vision and inform you on all modifications and the benefits of their implementation on your vehicle. This Land Rover Defender underwent some exceptional changes and most definitely sparked some excitement across the company. No matter what make or model, we’re able to apply skills and knowledge to quality conversions and restorations on any car, as long as you have the vision to share!