As any classic car enthusiast or collector knows, the expense and stress of finding your dream car is often too costly and way out-of-reach.

However, the accessibility and opportunity to restore and convert classic models back to their original form has become one of the most beneficial and rewarding past-times for car enthusiasts alike. For classic cars specifically, the beauty of preserving the historic features and past aesthetic of an original model completely out-ways any frustrations or setbacks you might face in the process.

 At Mini Sport, we have had some great opportunities to visit motoring events and exhibitions across the country and the pride we see for fully restored cars is phenomenal. Restoring and converting from home offers the freedom to do what you can, when you can – a continuous project with a priceless outcome.

Starting with an efficient plan-of-attack, a personal time and the perseverance to succeed, restoration has proved to be the best investment for the average car collector and the most gratifying way to owning your dream car.

In the past year, we’ve been involved in some exciting restoration projects, re-instating the previous character and condition of various vehicles that had seen much better days, including Mike Cooper’s ‘Cooper F3 T72’, previously raced in competition by Sir Jackie Stewart. We really enjoy the restoration process and the enthusiasm to restore each historic element of the cars style and substance brings an additional degree of excitement to the average restoration or conversion project.

Speaking to the guys down in the garage, who contributed to these restorations we managed to break them down to a short list of those restored Mini’s favoured and remembered throughout the year. A little inspiration for your possible restoration plans!


Restoration Stats: A brand new body shell, fully built new sub-frame, new suspension components and a full reconditioning of engine and gear box ensured this Mini left us in top notch condition.


Restoration Stats: A complete body restoration which completely revamped a well-loved model, embracing it’s original form and quality.


Restoration Stats: This Mini came to us for brand new body shell complete with a full paint-job. It was fully rebuilt using brand new parts where appropriate. After lacking in style for so long, this Mini has now reclaimed it’s original cool.


Restoration Stats: A full front-end repair in the Bodyshop brightened up this blue boy.


Restoration Stats: A full body restoration with additional parts and accessories transformed this Cooper.

Please let us know if you have any restoration plans and what you hope to do. We love to share a story and help you out if possible. Plus – we have all restoration parts sub-categorised for Mini over on our site here. Let 2015 be the year  of the restoration!