The great Historic Rally Car Register (HRCR) and the clubs infamous series of Historic Road Rallies have become increasingly popular, with The ‘Old Stager’ Historic Rally Championship gaining notable acclaim since it’s debut in ’95. The Motor Club provides an accessible platform for fans of historic automobiles, with an impressive turnout of competitors from the UK and Europe, who contend in various categories across seven rounds. The Old Stager season will take place across seven events between March and October, each round offering a different terrain to challenge performance; which includes asphalt and gravel surfaces. Starting in March with the ‘Rally North Wales’ and ending in October with the ‘Cambrian – Diamond Jubilee’, the championship will run in accordance with the MSA regulations for historic rally cars, providing a level playing field for all drivers and teams – from novice to experienced.

Old Stager Champ 2015 Header3

The ‘Old Stager’ Historic Rally Championship welcomes models manufactured in the 1960’s through to 1985, with cars and drivers categorised for competition by decade and experience. The competition embraces an eclectic range of designs and frequently exhibits historic models of MG, Austin-Healey, Triumph, Ford, Porsche and of course, Mini-Cooper. For cars that complete the Road Rally in a pre-1960’s car, additional awards can be won with trophies provided by famous names, Paddy Hopkirk and Phil Mills.

At Mini Sport, the Harpers involvement with the demanding Rallying scene is one that has been firmly cemented over six full decades. A consistent association with all aspects of Rallying, from the modified production of cars through to impressive performances in competition, has essentially forged our unbreakable heredity. Our contributions to the rally scene have been recognised and acknowledged on an international basis and the Old Stager Rally Championship is one that encompasses the original energy manifested in competition by founder, Brian Harper, concurrent to the establishment of Mini Sport back in 1967. Our official involvement with the HRCR and more specifically the ‘Old Stager’ Championship has been certified with the latest addition of the ‘Mini Sport Mini Cup’, coveted by Rally Drivers as the new accolade for those competing in the Mini class of the Old Stager Championship.


Last month we attended the official launch of the 2015 Historic Rally Car Registers (HRCR) Mintex ‘Old Stager’ Historic Stage Rally Championship – the Mini Sport Mini Cup offering us more reason to anticipate the forthcoming season. The launch was located at the notable Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon and proved successful with popular acclaim from potential competitors and dedicated followers. Many famous faces attended the launch with appearances from Club President, Championship Award Sponsor and good friend Paddy Hopkirk, as well as Willy Cave and Stuart Turner. Both our Mini Sport and Mini Sport Mini Cup stands garnered great reception with the feature of Cyril Bolton’s ‘Motoring News Rally Champion’ Mini – a homage to his 1970’s era and Clive Kings 2015 championship contender. Our team and John Hunt, Championship Secretary, manned the stand throughout the day and sincerely appreciated the fantastic response from all attendees.

Cyril Bolton mini

 Above: John Hunt Championship Secretary with Rob Eastwood From Mini Sport with Cyril Bolton Mini – KPB PHOTOGRAPHY

We ‘re all excited by the keen interest shown in the championship and the volume of people who have signed up to compete in this affordable and thrilling championship. Let the games begin!

Register for the HRCR ‘Old Stager’ Championship incorporating the Mini Sport Mini Cup here.