When approached by old-friend, Mike Cooper about the possibility of re-launching ‘Cooper Car Company’ as an official brand we jumped at the chance and in June of 2014, the brand was launched in association with Mini Sport. We were excited to be part of a project that we knew would make huge ripples Mini community. In 2015 we’re still equally as excited by the prospects and potential of this continuous project and our involvement with this newly founded brand.


Alongside the brand launch, an eclectic collection of parts and accessories were manufactured; all fashioned with the innovative styling, quality and character of the original Cooper car parts. These collections have already proved popular amongst Mini Enthusiasts, who have been able to restore their cars and revisit the original look of the Mini Cooper in its reigning era. As recognised agents of the brands prestigious line of products, we always look forward to a new launch. The latest in this nostalgic line of parts and accessories comes an exclusive collection of Auxiliary Gauges, directly reminiscent of the luxury smiths instruments designed to enhance the interior of Minis back in the 50’s and 60’s.

These exclusively remanufactured gauges have been designed to the original specifications and skilfully crafted by the iconic Smiths for affirmed quality and character.  The Voltmeter, Analogue Clock and Oil Pressure Gauge have been fashioned with an immaculate magnolia face and chrome ring; complete with the iconic John Cooper signature. The distinct styling of these gauges pays a unique homage to the wooden and walnut interiors and dashboards, which proved popular throughout the sixties. This design can be identified as the traditional interior styling, most closely associated with the British motoring style throughout this era and the simple and refined elements of the gauges have been designed to illuminate the richness of wood, leather and deep lacquer interiors – central to the affluent aesthetic taken on by the Mini Cooper following it’s notable rise to popularity.


Often high range cars were fitted with official Smiths clocks and gauges, a sign of the cars pronounced quality and opulence. Yet the installation manuals and leaflets produced by Smiths in the 1960’s allowed the humble car owner to install their own modifications, improving upon the standard fitments of their car. Supplementary parts became the most accessible way to transform your Mini and true to Smiths this range comes complete with all parts and fitments for home-installation and application in a range of Minis.

Having already featured in Mini Magazine and Mini World with a great reception across the glove; we’re already proud of the success of these gauges and look forward to the next, nostalgic Cooper Car Company product range. Shop the collection here and check out the rest of the historic Cooper range at Mini Sport Ltd. and Cooper Car Co.