At Mini Sport we have over 9,000 parts and products stocked in our showroom for a range of Cars and Mini models. When you visit our site you might become overwhelmed by the exhaustive collections, which are often featured under a range of diverse sub-categories from Motorsport performance components to Restoration parts and accessories. Our ‘Product Potential’ series aims to highlight some products and define their potential – all facts without the frosting!

The first product to be featured in our series is the new Mini Sport 8.4”, 4 Pot Alloy Brake Caliper, designed and developed in-house with emphasis on efficiency as part of the astute ‘Mini Sport Performance’ collection. Our M.A.D (Motorsport Advanced Development) engineering department works closely with Mini Sport customers, experts and our Motorsport teams to manufacture products and parts for optimum performance on both road and rally.


So – the facts! This Mini Brake Caliper has been developed with a 4 Pot feature to balance distribution when braking and eliminate tapering and bowing as well as resisting brake fade; thanks to the dissipation qualities of the aluminium.

The rigid Caliper design eradicates flex and provides an exceptionally precise pedal feel and feedback for optimum driver brake-control, an all-rounder for all forms of Motorsport.

The part has been manufactured using a Mazak CNC milling machines and fashioned in Aircraft grade billet aluminum alloy – the properties of this material ensures that this set of Brake Calipers weigh in at a surprising 5.8Kgs lighter than the standard Cooper Brake Calipers which total 7.14kgs. This weight-saving attribute reduced the un-sprung weight and promotes improvements in the cars handling with an increase in performance and economy.

MSLMS0509-8.4RIn addition, this model, with its rigid design and internal flow crossover which eliminates external pipes, can be used as a direct replacement for all standard 8.4” Brake Calipers – a simple equation; that reduces un-sprung weight, improves performance and enhances brake control.