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Product Potential: Mini Sport Adjusta-Ride adjustable suspension kit.

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Starting last week our ‘Product Potential’ series focuses on quick, no-nonsense parts that will improve car performance and economy for the better! All facts no frosting!

Second in the ‘Product Potential’ series comes the Mini Sport ‘Adjusta-ride’ adjustable suspension kit. Precision engineered from pressure die cast high specification alloy with high tensile cadmium plated steel adjustment, this full kit is a direct replacement for the original suspension struts and can fitted in four simple steps – without requiring major mechanical skills!

The complete kit includes new knuckle joints, it allows for the adjustment of the ride height for road use or competition. The suspension kit it is on car adjustable and does not require any specialist tools or modifications to bodywork, subframes or suspension components.

Adjusta Ride car set1

The profile of the suspension cone seating has been specifically designed to increase the progressive action of the rubber suspension cone and therefore ideally suited for fast road or motorsport applications. It is also useful on road cars with higher than average mileage to raise the suspension,where the front suspension has started to drop as the suspension cones have relaxed with age.

 So what are the advantages? Well the fully adjustable suspension system

  • allows the suspension ride height to be raised or lowered to suit the drivers needs and road conditions.
  • allows for the correct positioning of the centre of gravity of the vehicle for improvements in cornering and stability.
  • assists in the adjustment and setting of the corner weights.
  • allows for the fine tuning of the suspension geometry to correct discrepancies in ride height from corner to corner and to to adjust or maintain the correct castor, camber,and tracking settings, this in turn helps prevent uneven tyre wear and excessive strain on CV joints and other associated suspension components

Visit the blog next week for another review of a performance part!