Our Maha Rolling Road always gains phenomenal interest as a beneficial feature in the Mini Sport service centre. The rolling road creates a unique simulation of real road driving conditions whilst the car remains in a controlled and stationary position. This enables the chassis dynamometer to provide efficient results based on the diagnosis sent to the linked computer. The rolling road also helps monitor a range of variables including emissions, oil temperature and other parameters of the engine.

Essentially the Maha, Rolling Road at Mini Sport provides a reliable power diagnosis with data provided via graphic and digital display. This data is analysed by our specialists who tune the vehicle for optimum performance and economy.



We’ve found that the rolling road is the most effective and controlled method of measuring performance and a resource of great appraisal from the Mini Sport customers.

For the ‘Cooper Mini Day’ we’re offering all attendees the chance to take advantage of the rolling road feature and embark on a ‘rolling road shoot out’ a high power pursuit!

We will be exhibiting ‘Bogus 2’ on the rolling road at the Cooper Mini Day on the 28th March. Bogus 2 is the project Mini built by our team at Mini Sport in association with Mini World. Bogus was built as a high performance car modified with a Mini Sport 7 Port Cylinder Head, Lightened and Polished Con Rods, Crankshaft and Camshaft along with the Mini Sport 4 Pot 7.9″ Vented Disc Brake Assembly to ensure that the car is as keen to stop as it is quick to start. You can see the potential of Bogus, on his visit to Castle Combe here.


So! Following the demonstration of Bogus and his performance on the rolling road we’re urging mini owners who are attending our event to get in touch first to secure a place on the Rolling Road Shoot Out! This will be a free of charge chance to take advantage of the Rolling Road power run and receive some details on their Minis power, engine output, wheel output, drag, max power and torque!

If you have an interesting Mini that you think will impress or surprise please get in touch and contact us on  01282 778731 to secure our position and have a quick chat regarding regulations.



We welcome underdogs so don’t be scared and beat heavy-weight Bogus in a test of power and agility! Be one of the first 15 to secure a place and have faith in your Mini!

Visit the Cooper Mini day event page here!