Presented by car enthusiasts Jodie Kidd and Quentin Wilson, the latest series of the ‘Classic Car Show’ on Channel 5 has become a popular slot, dominating Thursday evenings across the country.

Filming Of "The Classic Car Show" With Jodie Kidd

The latest instalment of the Classic Car Show, screened at 7pm on the 26th March – will to us, however remain a classic that will go down in history at the Mini Sport HQ.

This week’s episode paid homage to Mini as a British Icon and featured some very familiar faces…and cars. With an introduction to the launch and success of the Mini with a focus on classic models, designs and restorations. The show explored the iconic status of the Mini and it’s influence in the cultural post-war shift in Britain, alongside it’s social association with Royalty and Celebrities, which ensured the car, was somewhat ‘class-less’ and loved by all.

Host, Quentin Wilson stated that ‘…the Car that nearly failed has become a social, cultural and industrial landmark of the 201st century and it’s simply because of design and personality. The design was the revolution of automotive packaging.’ Boasting of his passion for Minis and the humble restoration projects that remain affordable and accessible for all – claiming that he bought his Mini off EBay for just £2,700 one night and it was one of the best decisions he has ever made.


Despite avid focus on the cars, emphasis on the agility and performance of the humble Mini we’re not questioned as Bruno Senna, Brazilian racing driver was invited to take a 1965 Cooper S on the race track – experiencing the way in which a Mini challenges corners like no other car.

However, the highlight of the night was undoubtedly, our personal involvement in the making of this episode. Earlier in 2014, we were contacted by the producers at the ‘Classic Car Show’ and the Mini legend, himself Paddy Hopkirk about getting involved in Classic Mini episode of the show. As you may have seen last night, Paddy Hopkirk took Jodie Kidd for a lesson in Rally Driving for the ‘Monte Mini’ segment featuring the 33EJB exact replica, homed and maintained at Mini Sport. 33EJB.

MWoods Photography

33EJB has become an illustrious icon, which defines both the success of Paddy Hopkirk and Mini in the golden era of Rallying. This exact replica of the iconic car was built complete and to original specification of the 1964, 33 EJB by the late Graham McConnell. The car is now owned by Paddy Hopkirk himself, who when reunited with the model described it as “Better than the car at Gaydon” and drove the car across Belfast for the 50th anniversary of his most prestigious win. Now homed and maintained at Mini Sport, 33EJB is now exclusively available for hire with all proceeds donated to Paddy Hopkirk’s charity ‘Skidz’.


The filming of the show was an exciting venture for all involved and the preparation and maintenance of 33EJB was definitely shown as Paddy put the car through it’s paces, challenging Jodie Kidd to get rallying with a few tips from the master. In addition to the filming of this scene we at Mini Sport, were proud to nominate close friend ‘Diddy’ Dave Thomas as the perfect stunt-double for Jodie Kidd. Sitting in for Jodie on the high-speed rally.



Paddy Hopkirk got in touch with us this morning in regards to the Classic Car Show episode and said ‘Your car looked great on TV, even alongside Jodie.Thanks for all your help’

We look forward to our next TV venture and hope that paddy Hopkirk and 33EJB continue to receive well deserved recognition for their contribution to Motorsport, Minis and Classic Cars. You can catch up on the Mini ‘Classic Car Show‘ episode here. For more details you can visit the Paddy Hopkirk Mini Site and Facebook or our personal Facebook and Site here.