This weekend saw Mini Sport sponsored driver Steve Entwistle and his infamous ‘Orangebox’ compete once more in another round of the HRCR’s Clubman Championship. The Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally took place on Sunday 12th April and made up the third round of the prestigious, historic Championship.


The Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally is registered as part of three different Championships, to which Steve and co-driver Ali Proctor are registered. This specific Rally consists of a 150 mile event on the public roads of Yorkshire; a majority of the route now outside of the roads contained in the panoramic National Park.

The Ilkley Jubilee format is described by it’s committee in having ‘competitors issued with basic navigational instructions which enable them to plot the correct route on Ordnance Survey maps, they then drive that route, maintaining preset average speeds between 20 – 30 mph.’  These time controls are located along the route with penalties collected for arriving too early or too late at these controls, or missing them completely. Regularity sections are interspersed with special tests, where the driver’s skill and car control are challenged. You can see Steve in action over on our Facebook here.

In acknowledgement of our previous post concerning 55 years in Competition for the Orangebox – Steve, his co-driver Ali Proctor and the notable Orangebox did not disappoint. Despite heavy rain, Steve embraced the challenge to Rally across the scenic Yorkshire Dales and by lunch time had firmly secured a position as 2nd overall – a result which he retained throughout the entire day, beaten only by Howard Warren & Ryan Pickering in a Porsche 911. In addition, the Orangebox also finished as ‘Best Mini’ in class.


Following this great result, Steve said that this was ”A good crop of points for us…Ali Proctor was very, very good!’

To add another degree of nostalgia the finish venue was the same finish where Steve completed his first rally back in May 1991 as a navigator, 24 years ago. We look forward to the next round at the Leukaemia Historic Rally on Saturday the 16th May.