The HRCR Old Stager Championship incorporating the Mini Sport Mini Challenge and the HRCR Imp Cup is well underway with the third round at the ‘Historic Mini Epynt’ taking place on the 3rd May 2015. The previous rounds at ‘Rally North Wales’ proved to be challenging,  suffering terrible weather conditions and a few mechanical mishaps throughout the turbulent day.


However, Rally North Wales proved to be a successful day with each class showing great competition and gaining substantial times throughout each stage – greatly representative of the historic rally championships we know and love. A few of the Mini Sport team managed to make it down to the event that day; offering support and enjoying the action of a challenging day, packed with talent and the exciting addition of a revert back to conventional seeding.


However! If you didn’t manage to make it down to the event last month; or just fancied re-living the action, you can catch full coverage of the day at Rally North Wales, incorporating the Mini Sport Mini Challenge over on Motors TV UK.

Motors TV is one of Britain’s leading digital channels, dedicated to national and international motorsport. The channel covers a range of Motorsport Championships including a range of Historic competitions. You’ll be able to catch the exclusive footage of the Mini Sport Mini Challenge over on their channel on Wednesday the 29th of April, 2015 at 8:30pm.

Now that sounds like some great telly! Catch the Mini Sport Mini Challenge highlights…you never know; this might be the convincer to sign up next season!