As you may remember, Mini Sport also has a USA and Canada distributor based in Palm Bay, Florida. Our representative for Mini Sport USA, Mike Guido is also known as the founder of ‘Classic Mini’s United’ and extraordinarily known as ‘The World’s Fastest Clown’. Each year Mike makes his way to the Mini Sport HQ in Padiham, Lancashire where we home one of his Mini Coopers for the Himley Hall & Park event down in Staffordshire as well as a stop on his way to the International Mini Meet (IMM).

This year IMM will be taking place in Lithuania and Mike will be travelling across Western Europe, meeting friends and Mini fans as he goes.

Mike prepped his Mini in our Garage last week, once he had landed in England and of course, we put him up in some great accommodation…


Unfortunately, Mike taught us all a lesson on why you shouldn’t walk and text when he walked into the Lift Ramp and gave Andrew a bit of a scare. Of course, he thanked us all for the medical attention and not laughing hysterically at his terrible war wound.


Mike travelled down to Staffordshire with the Mini Sport team on the morning of Saturday the 9th for the British Mini Club’s Himley Hall & Park event. He helped us set up the stand and got the opportunity to show his car ‘The Hippie Mini’, which went down a treat…as well as meeting the iconic Paddy Hopkirk for another year. Mike claims that ‘Every year he looks at me a little stranger than the year before…’


After a brilliant day at Himley hall, we left Mike on his travels across Europe on a quest to the International Mini Meet at Lithuania. Mike will be keeping us informed along the way, as the very charismatic representative for Mini Sport and Classic Mini’s united.


Today, Mike landed in Germany to pick up his wife Rhonda and his heading up to Denmark. Last we heard he told us he was ‘Lost, hot…. A Mini friend is trying to find me so we can go to a Mini workshop. Oh, and my shoe fell apart…’

Keep up to date with the wonderful Mike Guido and his European travels over on our Blog, Facebook, Twitter and of course Mini Sport USA. Watch this space for some exciting news on the first ever ‘International Mini Film Festival’…