The impressive line up of Works Minis in Abingdon. (Photo courtesy of Mini Sport's Michael Anderson)
The impressive line up of Works Minis in Abingdon. (Photo courtesy of Mini Sport’s Michael Anderson)

The weekend of the 12th August marked a tremendous event for any competition Mini fan… The return of the Works Minis to Abingdon!

Mini Sport brought Paddy Hopkirk's 33 EJB replica  at the event. (Photo courtesy of Mini Sport's Michael Anderson)
Mini Sport brought Paddy Hopkirk’s 33 EJB replica at the event. (Photo courtesy of Mini Sport’s Michael Anderson)

Organised by John McIntosh and supported by Mini Sport, this perhaps ‘once in a lifetime’ event was truly something special, reuniting Works Minis with both their owners and drivers/navigators, past and present.

Over 20 original Works Minis were in attendance, along with some truly spectacular replicas, Mini Sport were not only proud sponsors, but also lucky enough to be in attendance with not one, but two Minis… Our very own Works Mini JBL 494D, previously driven by Rauno Aaltonen and Henry Liddon, and of course, our iconic 33 EJB replica.

A feast for the eyes and ears, with these historic Minis lined up outside, whilst some of the most notable names in Works history conducted panels inside with ex-drivers and navigators, including talks from former Comps managers Stuart Turner and Peter Browning!

Willy Cave, Paddy Hopkrik, Paul Easter and Mike Wood answering questions at the Works Minis in Abingdon event. (Photo courtesy of Mini Sport’s Michael Anderson)


Never a dull moment, with the fascinating history of the BMC Competitions Department, in to exciting talks about the thrills of being out on the track from names such as Paddy Hopkirk, John Rhodes, Paul Easter and Willy Cave, to name but a few.

Perhaps one of the most exciting activities of the weekend, the visit to the original Comps Hangar, where owners were given photoshoots for their Minis and a chance to explore the old Comps building, which is now a UK Mail depot!


But the weekend didn’t end there, Sunday morning came around and gave the opportunity to the owners to really test their skills putting their Minis through their paces out on the Abingdon airfield, followed by a run on the old MG test circuit route, before finally finishing off this nostalgic weekend at the Doghouse, the old Comps ‘watering hole’.

Mini Sport’s Dave Thomas also helped to raise £150 for the charity Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Oxford, by donating two prints of Works Minis in action that he then proceeded to get signed by the BMC Comps Veterans, these prints were then auctioned off! Over £1000 was raised in total for a fantastic cause.

A huge thank you to John McIntosh for putting together such a great event, without him none of this would have been possible, Mini Sport and all attendees of this weekend truly appreciate all his hard work that went in to pulling off such a unique meeting, celebrating the heritage of the Works Minis.

A wonderful weekend was had by all, and we certainly feel honoured to have been involved! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for exclusive footage from the event.

Want to see more photos from Works Minis in Abingdon? Check out the gallery below featuring our favourites from the weekend, all photos courtesy of Robert Clayson Photographic, the full albums can be viewed on Robert’s site here.

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