‘The Wrong Way Round’ World Tour started back in 2009 with Diddy Dave having done months of planning and preparation.


Daves wrong way round tour will go through Canada to Alaska then onto Russia and finally completing his journey back through Europe and the UK back to his home in Scotland.


Daves Mini Van has been fully prepared for the adventure at Mini Sport and by Jim Brindle at Race.


To keep up to date you can follow the “Wrong Way Round” Facebook Page





You can find all the places he has visited and updates on this map:

1st leg – Starting in April, 2009 at Liverpool, UK and ending in Vancouver, Canada on September 12th 2009


2nd Leg – Starting in June, 2012 at Vancouver, Canada driving south to Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA and back again to Vancouver on July 1st 2012.



3rd Leg – Starting in May at Vancouver, shipping the MiniVan to Yokohama and flying out to meet it. Thiis leg should take Dave to Japan and straight across the Asian continent into Europe.