2012 Round 1 – Oulton Park

This weekend was the first round of the Mighty Mini championship at Oulton Park where a total of 27 competitors turned up with their freshly prepared Minis, all hoping to start the season well. Thomas has sent us this race report:


I had a very good qualifying session, the car felt faster than it ever has done before and the numbers proved this as I was 1.3 seconds faster than the last time I was racing here at Oulton Park (believe me that’s a lot).

I managed to get to 10th place in qualifying from 27 cars but I feel I could have been even closer to pole if I hadn’t been held up. In fact I was only one quarter of a second off 6th place.


I had a great start to the race and I began to catch everybody ahead of me. I had already gained  three places, into the first corner. Three cars abreast  I found myself squashed to the edge of the track alongside Ade Tuckley who won at Oulton Park last year.  As all the cars turned into the first corner  I think we had the slightest of touches  of our wheels  which pushed Ades  car around, eventually becoming completely sideways  and I narrowly  avoided an impact.

The rest of the race from there wasn’t very entertaining for me as I found my engine had a huge flat spot from around 2500rpm to around 5000rpm and I had hardly any power at all between those revs. Although momentarily 6th then 9th I ended up 13th. I found myself setting lap times 2-3 seconds slower than in qualifying and being overtaken by people who I had out qualified.

Nearing the end of the race I was desperate to keep as far up the field as possible and was becoming very defensive and trying my hardest to be competitive, making my car wide and driving a different line into certain corners. I used some late braking to win back one place on the last lap and finished 12th overall.

All in all I had a great day and the atmosphere was amazing as usual. To be part of a real team just felt brilliant, having Mick from Mini Sport there to help wherever needed took so much off my mind and allowing me to purely concentrate on the race ahead.
Thomas and his Mini will be visiting Mini Sport again before the next meeting at Donnington on the 21st April. We will be making a few adjustments and resolving the power loss issue, ensuring the Moseley Mighty Mini is competitive.