2012 Round 2 – Donnington Park

Mini Sport have now received the latest update on the Mighty Mini Championship from Mini Sport sponsored Thomas Moseley. The Championship was at Donnnington Park last and it proved to be an eventful weekend.

Image Credited to Team Tuckley Racing


Donnington Park is a new circuit to me so I used qualifying to get to know the track.

During qualifying I found myself alone and struggling to find the pace so I gave myself a few slow sighting laps at the beginning so that I could try and throw in a few good laps later on after getting to know the track. In the end I felt like I had probably managed to get in one or two good fast laps however the results showed otherwise, setting lap times 3.2seconds slower than pole which sat me mid-field in 16th place from 25 cars.

After finding out the results of qualifying I decided to look at the performance of the car, I checked everything on the engine that I could and all seemed to be in order, however my tappet settings where too wide so I changed them from 14 thou to 12 thou. We also used some  tracking gauges to check the wheel alignment only to find that it was way out. With not long to go before the race a friend of mine kindly helped me adjust the tracking to what we needed.


At the start of the race I managed to get a jump off the line but it was evident that I didn’t have enough power to keep the momentum as other cars began to pull away from me, I found myself in a battle with Simon Tuckley  for 17th.  Simon is a great racer and we found ourselves overtaking each other several times a lap until eventually I managed to break free of him after and an overtaking move put his car off the racing line. After this I found myself alone again for a few laps before Chris Slade,  2011 Mighty Minis Champion,  who had come off the track caught me up. Me and Chris began  a mini battle overtaking each other  3-4 times  per  lap for about 5 laps but Chirs was a  Lap behind me so these overtakes where not for position. The battle continued until the very end of the race with Chris sitting his car half a bonnet infront of mine at the finish line. With all cars accounted for I found myself in 13th position overall.


I think we still have a few power issues that will need to be rectified before Cadwell Park on may the 13th although I am looking forward to Cadwell as it is one of my favourite tracks.

Thomas has since visited Mini Sport and a few adjustments have been made to the throttle and a few other components to ensure he is competitive at Cadwell Park. We can’t wait to hear back from him!