2011 Round 5 + 6 – Brands Hatch

Rounds 5 and 6 of the Mighty Mini Championship were held at Brands Hatch this weekend just gone and if you didn’t see it, you missed out as it sounded like a great weekend with one seasoned spectator stating that race 1 was one of the best races hed seen for 20 years!

Jonathans car had been to Paul Stafford’s workshop for a much needed set up since the steering frailer at Snetterton 2 weeks ago and he was very happy with the way the car felt with her Hyrdolastic Mini Sport bump rubbers she was on rails and this showed as for the first 10 mins of the session the Minisport Car 4 was on pole although by the end of the session we were 4th on the grid, mind you the top 10 were covered by just 2 tenths of a second so Jonathan was pleased and felt good for race one.

Yet another great start from Jonathan and he was battling with the race leader but the race was “manic” and 3rd place dove down the inside of Jonathan but he saw it coming and gave him room, only for the car to take out the car in front before both of them shot back across the track in front of Jonathan making him stop and thread his way across the grass and back onto the track. This wasn’t good news as Jonathan was now in dead last and he admitted the red mist came down at this point. When he made his way round to the main straight he could see the leaders just coming out of Clearways and knew it was going to be a battle from then on but he picked off one car at a time, making some ballsy moves stick and climbing up to 4th place. On the last lap Jonathan managed to the then 3rd place ini over the line to secure a well deserved podium after a great drive!


On Sunday came the rain but this did’t bother Jonathan too much as he was starting 3rd and enjoys racing in the wet. Teams frantically changed their car set ups ready for the wet but Jonathan opted to stick with the same set up as the race before, in the dry. A change of tyres and a top up of fuel was all that was needed and Jonathan was ready to go. This race was on TV and their was that bit more pressure this time round but Jonathan “being an old man” as he put it, didn’t let it get to him and got a great start ensuring he didn’t over rev off the start and wheelespin. He pulled up along side 1st but let him slip in front and sat on his bumper for a lap, weighing up his options and his opponents speed. The next lap Jonathan used his Minis new found speed and took the leading going into Paddock bend. Jonathan then distanced himself from the rest at a rate of 3 seconds a lap and eventually won by a full 18 seconds. A great, well earned result and lots of confidence to boot. Jonathan is happy with his car now and feels it is ready to win many more times this season!

We would like to send our congratulations to Jonathan for what was a very successful weekend!


Here is a little clip we found of Jonathan leading, and 3rd and 4th having a little tussle… one coming off worse than the other!

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